Here's The Man EP

by BDaMan




After the release of Here's Looking At You, Kid [Bonus Downloadable CD], Bryce had a lengthy uncertainty of what he wanted to do next with his music. After talking with a few people, he decided to work on an EP. This EP will have a similar format to Coppin' Things Round Town 2 with the beat selection with a hybrid story-telling format. Originally, no features were expected for this project as Bryce wanted to show his development from a boy to a young man. However, with the formation of New Life, Bryce decided to get New Life members: Just'n, Signature, Reidy and MonoPoleJoe on it, as well as his good friend, KillaCHRI. The first single from Here's The Man EP is, "The Real", which was released in October 2010. The second single from the EP was voted on by fans on Bryce's Facebook page, which resulted in the release of "They Still Don't Know", released in late April of 2011. The third single from the EP is "Rock Star", which was released in May 2011. The early mix of "Heart of a Champion (ft. Just'n)" was released as the fourth single on October 17th, 2011 to tide people over until the now imminent release of the EP. A day later, Just'n informed Bryce that the final mix of "Heart of a Champion" had been completed, but not sent yet. On the same day, Bryce recorded three more tracks at The Chop Shop Studio, which resides in 1000 Wordz's home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A week later, Bryce then recorded four more tracks. With the emergence of their studio, Bryce and Signature knew that this EP could be released way sooner than expected.

After New Life's 1000th hit on their song, "Takin' Over", Bryce decided to put out a fifth and final single called "Big City, Bright Lights".


released March 19, 2012

Track 3 and 11 mixed down by Just'n (Justin Henderson)
Track 10 mixed down by MonoPoleJoe (Tony Adams)
All other tracks mixed down by Signature (Nick Tyo)

Tracks 1 and 11 produced by Anno Domini Beats
Track 2 produced by Swollen Drumz
Track 3 produced by ThePuzzleProductions
Track 5 produced by KajmirBeats
Tracks 6 and 8 produced by Son Sound
Track 7 produced by BDaMan
Track 9 produced by Superstar O
Tracks 4 and 10 produced by SayJak



all rights reserved


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BDaMan Minneapolis, Minnesota

BDaMan is a young, up and coming hip-hop from Minneapolis, Minnesota who commonly raps with his music group, New Life. To stand out from other up and coming rappers, he raps three sub-styles of hip-hop: Alternative Hip-Hop, Rock Rap (a use of classic to modern rock sampled instrumentals with hip-hop) and Jazz Rap (a use of all types of jazz instrumentals with hip-hop). ... more

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Track Name: The Real
Intro: Here. Is. The. Man. EP. Let’s go…

Verse One: Are we talkin bout the real or we talkin bout the fake, are we talkin bout the steal, let’s take a break.
Enough of that, had to come back, same old cats, same old wack.
I’m disgusted by the justice of the rapping, look around, what has happened?
We lost track of fact and fiction, my intuition is y’alls suspicion.
Y’all just fishing on wishes and dreams, money, cars and pie that creams.
Punch lines out like Rocky and Drago, them college boys getting high off Prego
Spaghetti, noodles, y’all just talking, obsessed with a chick, y’all get to stalking.
Good girls gone wild, great girls gone bad, good dudes just die, good boy turned mad

Hook: This is the real…(The real…the real…)
That soul you can feel…(Can feel…can feel…)
We are always real…(So real…so real…)
This soul you can feel…(Can feel…can feel…)

Verse Two: This one here is something deep, into your pockets, into your sleep.
Ain’t talkin bout South, ain’t talkin bout shops, ain’t talkin bout ya mouth, ain’t talkin bout Pops.
Ain’t talkin maybe, ain’t talkin Plan B, just talkin sandy, ain’t talkin canopy.
Can you see? We grown up. New kids on the block, 2010 and up.
Some new cats, y’all just playin, I’m hearing y’all but what y’all saying?
Giberrish and static, oh, do we have it? Me and the bros just call you tragic
Ain’t talkin stepbro, y’all talkin my flow, y’all out my door, ain’t round here no more.
I don’t throw, I just toss, call me Rick Ross, receiving worldwide, call me Randy Moss.


Verse Three So here…is the…man, and you gotta know how I am.
Bryce is back, raw and uncut, BDaMan is here, mouth ain’t shut.
Jaws should drop to the sound of the new, look out for the boys, the brand new crew.
If y’all getting paid, making $7.50, throw the bills in the sky for the crew, Smash City.
Still got Reidy, still got S-I-G, still got the will and skill, now I got KillaCHRI
I got the bros, I still got the flow, y’all make room for the boy Rylo
Monopole Joe, Tru Blu The Most, Big Billz of course and Bill$ of course.
I’m high on top like Wiz Khalifa, no thugs, no drugs, I’m gone, see ya.

(Hook x2)
Track Name: Big City, Bright Lights
Intro: Ladies and gentlemen…we are inviting you…to something special, ya know? The big city with the bright lights…where everybody knows everybody, ha-ha!

Hook: Skies are getting darker, and the sun has faded, I see the lights in here and I know that I have made it.
You know just where you are when you see the Minne-ap, you know you feeling good, this is where your heart’s at.
Big city, bright lights, big city, bright lights. Big city, bright lights, big city, bright lights.
Big city, bright lights, big city, bright lights. Big city, bright lights, big city, bright lights.

Verse One: Welcome to Minneapolis, 10,000 lakes, you feeling good, I’m feelin great?
The lakes are blue, the flag is too, so call us up with the 612.
What you gonna do in Minneap? Chill downtown with your backwards hat?
Or chill Southside with the homies all day? Got a lot to do, go find your way.
Go to the lake called No-Ko-Mis, take a walk and feel the bliss.
Calhoun got that place Uptown, turns that frown right upside down.
Harriet got that silent voice, once you see, you will rejoice.
10,000 lakes chillin’ here, Minneapolis Atmosphere.


Verse Two: Education is the key, U of M to MCTC.
Get schooled on school and your knowledge, higher learning, we love college.
We love chilling, we go downtown, see the arts, go above the ground.
Theaters for the plays, Orpheum and the Guthrie way.
A broadway mus-i-cal, for the soul, your inner child.
Walker Art for the art you love, paint the picture like a dove.
Pictures with the words you think, let em sink or draw with ink.
Arts of the place got you chillin’, Minneapolis, what a feelin’.


Bridge: Put your hands up for the city…
Wave em side to side…
Clap your hands for the city…
And do it real loud!

Verse Three: The city here is like a jungle, staying humble on the hustle.
All the time it makes me wonder, how can we keep from going under?
Under-over, bottom to the top, cream of the crop, never ever stop.
Hopes and dreams in the big time city, getting down to the nitty-gritty.
If I can make it here, I can make it there, I can make it just about anywhere.
A wish and a dream, living on a prayer, singing in the rain like Fred Astaire.
Singing, dancing, like we Diddy, romancing like we Biggie.
Glorious, happy again, thank the lord and say “Amen”

Track Name: They Still Don't Know
Intro: Oh, I’m going in?

Verse One: Don’t know me? I doubt you ever will. Is it cause I’m black, you think I’m gonna kill?
Always keep it real, they should know the deal, you would think [that] they know with this mic, I steal.
The spot is so chill like they living in an ice box, my homies all around [just] talking bout they own stocks.
My flow is forever, O-rigi-nal, I’m thinking of a plan to master my style.
To see MCs, wannabes, me overseas, one day famous, bring fans to their knees.
Aw please, I’m a big dreamer, diabolical guy cause I’m a big schemer.
Big timer, big man, big talker, big man swag cause I’m a big man walker.
Go hard or go home, don’t you know? They ask about my rapping and they still don’t know.

Hook: They. Still. Don’t Know! They ask about my rapping every time I come to show.
From South to the ‘Burg to west side Downtown, I’m still the man Coppin’ Things Round Town
They. Still. Don’t Know! I’m at the first step, four steps from the door.
Shoutout to my brothers, shoutout to the bros, shoutout to those [ones] who still don’t know.

Verse Two: This is what you [been] waitin for, the big payback, no encore.
Encore, I know you want more, put ya hands up until they [get] sore.
Boy is back in time like Mike, beating suckas down like Mike.
Jordan, Tyson, anyone, my power at the peak cause I see the sun.
I see the sun rise, I see the fire in my eyes.
The birth of the phoenix, the birth of the bird, what is really good? What’s the word?
Is it cause he’s so insane? He’s so insane, you don’t know his name?!
BDaMan Bryce DaRonn Foster. Big boss maaaan, big black monster!


Verse Three: Some MCs show no respect, show no support, earn no real check.
The boy is wild and the boy is young, young like Hov, I spit this from my tongue.
[So] I’m wildin’ cause I’m young, like I’m Kid Cudi, chilling all alone, like Gorillaz are my buddy.
Isn’t that funny? Or it is just depressing? Crush like earthquakes, now its oppression.
Braggadocious, brag a lot, nah, not me. Confident, not cocky, yes, that’s me.
I’m making out bars and they think I’m hurt, putting something in called time and work.
[I’m] Rapping so much, they call it a hobby, triangles, diamonds, they say Illuminati.
They listen to the beat and ignore the flow, at the end of the day, they still don’t know.

(Hook) (x2)
Track Name: Rock Star
Intro: Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rock? I can’t hear you, I said, I said, are you ready to rock?

Verse One: I am a lion, this is my jungle, y’all ready to box, I’m ready to rumble.
This is my game, ain’t talkin wrestling, ain’t talkin the next thing, ain’t talkin the best thing.
I’m in here with my guys, y’all should know, shouldn’t be a surprise.
50 miles an hour zoomin down the way, I’m feelin good, had a nice day.
Up since 5, early in the morning, ain’t got sleep, I was just recording.
Trying to work hard, in search of perfection, don’t get stuck on my complexion.
Hard work and dedication, a little frustration, from my creation to world domination.
It’s the life I live, the price I pay, like the boy Miz, I came to play.

Hook: Tell these guys I slay guitars, somebody oughta tell them I’m a damn rock star
Everybody said I wouldn’t get far, look here now, I’m a damn rock star.
Rock (star!), rock (star!), rock (star!), rock (star!)
Rock (star!), rock (star!), rockstar!

Verse Two: Minneapolis, I come from South, ball harder than me? Man, not in my house.
Come in my house, we gonna have some trouble. Junk in my house? Gonna have to scrub you.
Garbage, garbage, I can’t take it, some of y’all lives? Y’all can’t fake it.
Shake it, bake it, taste it like wine, forget all that, you wasting my time.
I take the pot, I take the pan, throw in the music, make a jam.
You don’t understand, I was born to rock, born to walk, born to shock.
Born to win, but that’s a lie, I live this life not satisfied.
Middle of it now, middle of the crowd, tell em in the cloud, let’s get loud!


Verse Three: All the lights glowing, people cheer, love is showing all cause I’m here.
Have no fear cause I’m here, taking down the villains for the cheer.
Get on your feet, hands in the air, I don’t even care, let em stay there.
Jocking the boy but there’s nothing to jock, I’m not that great, but I got it on lock.
Haters, if you’re there, I slay guitars, middle fingers up cause now I’m far.
No matter who you are, I proved you wrong, it’s the comeback, now I’m strong.
Just might catch the boy on iTunes, ladies on the floor trying to dance to my tunes.
I’m loud, I’m proud, I’m black, you’re wack, he’s a rockstar baby, the man is back!

(Hook) (x2)
Track Name: Heart of a Champion (ft. Just'n)
Intro: (Ric Flair sample) Well, what it tells me, Lance Russell, is today, I got to style and profile like never before!

Verse One: I'm stronger, go harder, I'm a monster, I conquer, dominate anything I want to.
My passion, my skill, my focus, my hunger, my will of thrill while I slumber.
In, out, while my eyes zoom in, shooting for the goal while I’m shooting for the win.
Can’t nobody hold the pride down, all I hear is talking, you’re just a clown.
Work harder than the average bear, get more sore in an average chair.
Old school view of music, so you better use it or abuse it.
If you use it, better do some justice, better do some peace, better bring a compass.
Abuse it and it might be vicious, might hafta work it out, Lifetime Fitness.

I got the Heart Of A Champion (Champion..) [Heart Of A Champion...]…Heart Of A Champion (Champion…) [Heart Of A Champion...]…Heart Of A Champion! [Heart Of A Champion!](X2)

Verse Two: See messin' with the boy, you will quickly be destroyed, so just, stay out my way, I'm something you should avoid.
I think it's time to show the world what I got, yeah, I think it's time I turned it up a notch.
They still don’t know about me, don’t know how I walk, don’t know how I think, don’t know how I talk.
You still don’t understand me? You don’t comprehend? We might be cool, but I’m not your friend.
You say BDaMan, I was born Bryce Foster, always in the class, that’s the name on the roster.
Irritation, frustration, that’s the sound of my life, vacation, motivation, day and night.
So I stay friendly, driving a Bentley, high class like Mr. Bentley.
I was taught well by my Mom and Pops, y’all outta control like bottle tops.


Verse Three: Its how I operate, I dominate, knock'em down like dominoes, let’s conversate, concentrate, I'm a tell you all I know
Go hard, everyday, that's the way you gotta go, when they ask if I'm a stop I’mma say "Hell naw!"
I told ya that I’ll never [ever] stop, till I’m [back] in Minneap, riding down my block.
I’ll be here forever, any sort of weather, rain, snow, sleet, heat, no joking, Heath Ledger.
[I’m] So serious like British Soliders, tough like Rocky, call me boulder
My eyes are on the prize this year, cause now that I’m old, I got new gear.
Got my career, got my notch, got new fears, got this watch.
I keep the watch in my pocket, yes, it’s my locket, Rest In Peace Grandpa Percy, got your watch in the pocket.

(Hook) (x3)

Outro: (Ric Flair) But to be the man, you gotta beat the man! And I'm saying! Wooooo! I'! Woo! (BDaMan! B, B, BDaMan!) x2